Growth Classes

Growth Classes at Peoria Nazarene are a great place to grow as a follower of Christ. Classes meet for one hour on Sunday Mornings at the church and usually last for a semester (6-12 weeks). Join a class if you would like to deepen your knowledge and understanding of God and his will for your life.

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The Prodigal God (12 Week) – Room 108

LED BY FLO DURDEL – In The Prodigal God, Tim Keller takes his trademark intellectual approach to understanding Christianity and uses the parable of the prodigal son to reveal an unexpected message of hope and salvation. Within that parable Jesus reveals God’s prodigal grace toward both the irreligious and the moralistic. Flo Durdel will be leading this DVD study as we take a look at the extravagant love of God for His children.

Facing Your Giants (12 Week) – Fellowship Hall

LED BY CAROLYN VANCE – David. You could read his story and wonder what God saw in him. His life has little to offer the unstained, straight-A saint. He fell as often as he stood, stumbled as often as he conquered. But for those who know the sound of Goliath, David gives this reminder: Focus on giants — you stumble; focus on God — your giants tumble. If you’re ready to face your giants, let his story inspire you. Join Carolyn Vance as we discover that the same God who helped David, will help you.

The Songs of Jesus (12 Week) – Room 102

LED BY DIANE JONES – The Book of Psalms is known as the Bible’s songbook—Jesus knew all 150 psalms intimately, and relied on them to face every situation, including his death. Diane Jones will be leading this study based on the book The Songs of Jesus by Tim & Kathy Keller. If you already spend time in study and prayer, understanding every verse of the psalms will bring you a new level of intimacy with God, unlocking your purpose within God’s kingdom.

Senior Adult Bible Study: Revelation (Ongoing) – Room 200

LED BY ROGER GREEN – This class is a Senior Adult ongoing Bible Study, but open to all other ages as well. The class meets for prayer, fellowship, hymns, and Bible study. During this Fall, they will continue to study the book of Revelation verse-by-verse.  Each class member receives a notebook with handouts to supplement the study and discussion.