Growth Classes

Growth Classes at Peoria Nazarene are a great place to grow as a follower of Christ. Classes meet for one hour on Sunday Mornings at the church and usually last for a semester (6-12 weeks). Join a class if you would like to deepen your knowledge and understanding of God and his will for your life.

CURRENT CLASSES (FALL 2017) – Click to Join Class

Discipling (12 Week) – Room 102  

LED BY NEIL ARTERBURN AND DAVE MORGAN – Discipleship is at the heart of our mission as a local church. Jesus’ call to make disciples is for every Christian, but if we’re honest most of us feel inadequate and have fears about discipling another person. This growth class will not only explore the biblical foundations for discipleship, but also be a source of encouragement and practical wisdom for all who seek to faithfully help someone else follow Jesus.

Marriage (12 Week) – Fellowship Hall

LED BY FRED AND FLO DURDEL – It goes with out saying that Marriage isn’t always easy. God’s word has a lot to say about marriage and how the Gospel can redeem, renew, and strengthen our marriages. If you desire to strengthen your marriage or grow in developing a Christ-centered marriage, this class is for you. Fred and Flo Durdel will share wisdom from Scripture and life over 50 years of marriage. This class is open to married couples and singles who desire to develop a Biblical foundation for marriage.

Membership Matters (6 Week) – Room TBD

LED BY PASTOR MARK – Becoming a member at Peoria Nazarene, involves not only the responsibility of being faithful to one another in the church family, but also the benefits of belonging to a committed family of believers that will lovingly care and watch over your growth in Christ. If you are interested in becoming a member, this class is for you. Participants will discover why membership matters, explore the Church of the Nazarene as a denomination, and learn the unique the culture and values of our local church.

One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism (12 Week) – Room 108

LED BY KEN ROAT – What are the essential teachings that we should believe as followers of Christ? This growth class will explore basic theology derived from Scripture that is essential for our spiritual formation and consistent with what the church has taught over two millennia. This class is for all ages, but especially relevant to young adults and college age students who want to explore basic truth to guide their lives.

Senior Adult Bible Study: Revelation (Ongoing) – Room 200

LED BY ROGER GREEN – This class is a Senior Adult ongoing Bible Study, but open to all other ages as well. The class meets for prayer, fellowship, hymns, and Bible study. During this Fall, they will continue to study the book of Revelation verse-by-verse.  Each class member receives a notebook with handouts to supplement the study and discussion.